Chimera PC Construction & Transition Phase (80 images)

The countless days, weeks and years it took me to get to this stage. Numerous
people died, lost pints of blood and countless strands of hair follicles trying to put
this animal together.

Mad props go out to my two good buddies that helped me transform this dream
into a reality: Thanks Freese and Hinkey.

"It can never be fast enough." - @TOMIC HQ, Oct.22, 2005

System Specs include:
+ Lian Li VB2100b Plus II (Moded)
+ AMD A64 4000+ San Diego 1MB 90nm 2.4GHz @ 2.8GHz /1.55v
+ Swiftech MCX6400-V (Moded)
+ Panaflo NMB-MAT 120MM Ultra High Speed Cooling Fan 2750RPM 114CFM 45.5dB
+ Antec VGA Coolers/Fans (2x 15.9CFM, 2x 80mm/34CFM + 5x 120mm/79CFM + Panaflo 120mm/114CFM) = 608.8CFM
+ ASUS A8N-SLI Premium (BIOS v.1008)
+ 2x 1024MB Mushkin Redline XP4000 RAM @ 255FSB/HTT 3-3-2-8 /2.8v
+ XFX 8800GTX XXX Edition (630Mhz core/2GHz mem)
+ 1x WD Raptor 150GB WD1500ADFD SATA (10000RPM) 16MB 5.2MS
+ Creative Sound Blaster X-FI "Fatal1ty"
+ 2x Lian Li Aluminum Alloy Double Bay Vent w/ Filter
+ NEC 3540 Dual Layer 16X DVD+RW/-RW X48 CDRW (v1.03)
+ Seasonic S12-600HT 600W
+ APC-UPS XS 1200 780VA
+ WinXP Pro SP2
+ Dell 24'' 2407FPW
+ Logitech G5
+ Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 (via Coaxial)

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UPDATE NOV.18 2006 | Added the Lian Li Side Window Panel PC-V2000B PLUS II, Lian Li AD-02 120mmAir Duct and Lian Li Plus II 120mm Fan and Bracket. The additions, as one can see, make all the difference in the world.